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Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

AONE Flap Barrier is designed to provide access control and complete security in the public passages. It demotes to the way out of the security dilemma, and it provides the safety and security to the employees of an organization and also to the assets in a business. A turnstile, also called a baffle gate, is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way traffic of people, and in addition, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar. A turnstile is a mechanical gate, designed to only allow one person to pass through at a time. A turnstile or “baffle gate” consists of revolving horizontal arms that are fixed to a vertical pole. The concept is ultimately simple – to create a gateway that only allows access in one direction. Where located as part of an accessible route, turnstiles shall have not less than 36 inches (914 mm) clear at and below a height of 34 inches (864 mm), not less than 32 inches (813 mm) clear width between 34 inches (864 mm) and 80 inches (2032 mm) and shall consist of a mechanism other than a revolving device.

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