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Automatic Bollard

Automatic Bollard

Aone bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post. The term originally referred to a post on a ship or quay used principally for mooring boats, but is now also used to refer to posts installed to control road traffic and posts designed to prevent ram raiding and car ramming attacks. Automatic bollards work by using an access control device to activate a hydraulic system in the foundation housing; our automatic bollards have increased impact resistance due to increased security needs. Steel Bollards and Vehicle Barriers for Access Security & Traffic Control. Our traffic and security steel bollards will assist in providing the security you need to stop unwanted vehicle access, provide protection against ram-raiding, and guide traffic. Long Fence, a commercial and residential fence company, sells bollards and defines them this way: “Bollards are upright steel posts mounted in or alongside roads and parking lots to control, direct or obstruct vehicular traffic or impact.” ... The bollard barriers are much taller and clearly more difficult to cut through.

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